She is female, she is loud, she is a mother, an artist, a dreamer, an aunt, a chocoholic, she is no computer geek but definitely a workaholic, she's a dancer, a globe-trotter, a storyteller, a lover, a coffee drinker, a jogger, a hippie, a barefoot-in-the-grass type, a good sport, a good organizer, a scatterbrain, a limit pusher, a singer, a skier, a gourmet, a searcher, a real sweet-toothed lady, an Italy fan, a car lover, a painter, a drugstore person, a friend, a car driver, she is spontaneous, she talks a lot and she laughs much, much more ...

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1987-1989 Study of Arts Education at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
1989-1994 Study of Graphic Design at Frankfurter Academy of Visual Arts
1994 Awarded grant by Borsch, Stengel & Partner  
1995   Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising
2000Gallery Wild Frankfurt, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland  
2001Art Fair Zurich, Switzerland  
since 2003Private Art School „Atelier Alpenglühn“
since 2009Privat Art School „der Kunstsaal“
ongoingvarious domestic and international shows
Sept. 12, 2013
- Oct. 13, 2013
VExhibitionn at Chrystoph Marten, Slalon/Gallery
511 west 25th street suite 608
New York, NY 10001